Horizontal Hostility

An anarchist podcast of ethical philosophy and shit talk.

Episode 1: Riseup, Technological Centralization & Snitching

Horizontal Hostility’s inaugural episode. The five hosts gather in the same city and same room (with two spectators and occasional commentators) to talk about Riseup.net’s decision to turn over information regarding two users to the FBI and their justification. Basically Will demonstrates he’s spineless and weak on snitches by talking a lot to defend the value of Riseup’s infrastructure while everyone else disagrees and Pax actively whittles torture implements to use on snitches in Iranian prisons over the course of the episode. Possibly more nuanced conversation is had about the context of Riseup’s decision. Lots of shit is talked about the hacker community. Discussion gets a bit technical at places, but should still be followable.

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